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Gravity Flow Box

This specailly designed box holds up to 400 bushels and features a flow box that empties in about 40 seconds.

Flow Box

Product Details

"Gear Up" for Harvest

This specailly designed box holds up to 400 bushels and features a flow box that empties in about 40 seconds. It has a low-profile of 9'1", an easy access ladder with room between the box and a smooth, strong steel wrap around the corners of the box. Convenient window port allows you to see how your work is progressing. Brake and direction lights are included for your protection. Gears and boxes can be sold separately.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Built-in rocking bolsters.
  • Computer designed for even load distribution.
  • Closed formed box resists twisting.
  • Extra sharp turning radius giving you flexibility in the field.
  • Equipped with additional electric wiring for easier tandem towing.
  • Attractive decal package.
  • Standard with red paint job, available with optional tractor matching color.


300 Bushel WW-325 for 10 Ton Gear, 350 Bushel WW-H375 12 Ton Gear, 400 Bushel WW-H425 for 12 Ton Gear, 350 Bushel WW-L375 for 14 Ton Gear, 400 Bushel WW-L425 for 14 Ton Gear, 400 Bushel WW-T425 for 16 Ton Gear.

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Customer Testimonials

My family & I were talking with a gentleman from Westendorf last Friday at your display at the Iowa State Fair, and we were telling him about the old 1940's Westendorf running gear that I had just restored. This running gear was a hay wagon when my Grandfather had it. I am getting ready to replace the wood and fix it back to a hay wagon for parades (and just for fun).
I was around 10 years old when my Grandfather would have me drive the tractor and pull this wagon. I lost my Grandfather back in the 90's. We found this running gear in the field where we previously stored the hay. The running gear was good as new when we found it. I am 41 years old, and I am very lucky to have my parents, as my Dad has been a big part of the restoration of this wagon.
Here are a couple of pictures I thought I would send you.

Todd Whitehead - Des Moines, IA