TA-26-PLUS Traction Action Series (30-240 HP)

  • TA-26-PLUS

The same great fit as the TA-26 loader with additional features including an updated, modern shape and styling over the entire loader, the Hydra-Snap manifold and rotational indicator. It's an excellent, user friendly tractor loader for all-around-the-farm uses.

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Form Meets Function

All the same great features as the TA-26 loader. The Plus package includes an updated, modern shape and styling over the entire loader and bucket. It features the Snap-Attach™, Hydra-Snap™ one lever coupling system, rotational full-range bucket indicator and grease-from-the-end pins.

TA-26+ on JD5100E

TA-26's great features Plus more:

  • Updated, modern shape and styling over the entire loader that provides excellent visibility.
  • Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than two minutes without any tools or dangerous stands.
  • Internal I-beam construction that handles more side pressures and increases strength.
  • Easy handling with quick loader action allows excellent turning radius and tire clearance.
  • Tool free automatic snap-lock system for fast and efficient bucket swaps.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket is designed for a custom fit.
  • All hoses your tractor will require are included.
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit several different tractors allowing you to use your loader on multiple tractors. This feature also allows you to retain amazing resale value on your Westendorf loader.
  • Hydra-Snap™ coupling system for speedy connections when you need to get the job done.
  • Rotational Level Indicator helps speed up repetitive tasks such as stacking hay or handling pallets.
  • Grease-from-the-end pins make maintenance a cinch.


3” Lift & 2 1/2" Bucket Cylinders, Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Snap-Attach™, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, Hydra-Snap™ Manifold, Rotational Level Indicator and 72” Large Capacity Bucket.


Skid Steer Adapter, 72" or 84" Skid Steer Bucket, 84" Bucket, Add-on Mechanical Self-Leveling-Contoured, 3rd Steel Line, Radiator Grill Guard, Rotational Height Indicator, 2'6" Height Extension, Level UP Advantage and complete line of attachments.

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Customer Testimonials

I have three Westendorf loaders--WL-42C, TA-26, and a WL-21 I've had for over 30 years. I use my TA-26 and 42C for round bales. Westendorf has the best high lift loader for hay. The Quick-Attach is nice to convert other attachments on the market to my Westendorf loader. None are broken or busted up. They still work and look good!

Roger Gaswint - Sioux City, IA