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  • Quick-Tach Teeth
Quick-Tach Teeth

The Quick-Tach Teeth are available for all types of buckets from 48" to 96". Built with high-strength steel. No more bolts to torch off!

Quick-Tach Teeth

Product Details

There When You Need Them

Westendorf's patented Quick-Tach Teeth are available for buckets from 48" to 96". Built with high-strength steel. The teeth extend 12" from the bucket, and are cut with a 45° taper so the tooth doesn't dig in. Our quick attaching teeth eliminate the age-old problem with teeth on a bucket--when you want them on the bucket they are off, and when you want them off they are on. Our quick-attach teeth can be put on and off in just seconds with no tools.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Heavy-Duty toot bar line is for our larger more powerful loaders and the Lite-Duty tooth bar line is for the compact tractor line of loaders.
  • Quick on and off to help save time, and free up bucket for other tasks.
  • No extra modifications are needed to mount the tooth bar on your Westendorf bucket.
  • Includes chains and mounting clamps.
  • Teeth are cut at a 45° angle so they don't dig into floor boards when cleaning out the barn.
  • Bucket is available with the Snap-Attach™ or Universal pin type connector.
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Customer Testimonials

I really like the quick-tach bucket teeth.  They work really good for scooping manure, an you were the only company I found that had a quick-tack style so the teeth don't need to be bolted on.  When I want them off they're off and when I want them on, they're on in just a few minutes.  That's quite a patent and loader you have.  I like everything about my TA-28 loader - It's the best.  I clear a lot of manure, as I have a lot of cattle.  I use it to haul wood and handle brush.  It's got good lift height (over 13') and works great for stacking bales.  I couldn't get along without it!

Chester Speer - Maywood, MO