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Q: Can I upgrade my bucket?
A: Yes, most of our loaders are available with bucket upgrades that are specific to the HP range of each tractor/loader combination. Refer to each product specification link to see what buckets are available for each loader. The buckets range from larger than standard buckets to specialty buckets such as a Fork Bucket, Tine Bucket, High Volume Low Density Bucket, the Z-47 Feeder Bucket, Skid Steer Bucket and Feed Bunk Bucket. We offer Heavy Duty High Capacity Buckets with Double Weld-On Blade or Bolt-on Blade. Other bucket options are the Back Drag Bucket, Back Drag Bucket with Teeth, Chain Hooks, and Grab Fork Hooks.

Q: I have a non-Westendorf attachment; can I use it with my Westendorf loader?
A: Absolutely, you can convert your current non-Westendorf product to our quick attach system by purchasing the C-2 couplers (Weld on style) or C-3 couplers (Bolt on style). These couplers allow you to attach a receiver style coupler onto your existing product. C-2 and C-3 work on TA-26 and larger loaders. For the TA-25 you will need C-11, for the 100 series you will need C-14. If you have a skid steer style coupler, the C-19 is required.

Q: I have a non-Westendorf loader; can I use Westendorf attachments with my loader?
A: You sure can. Is your loader quick-attach or pin style? If it is pin style, we would suggest that you purchase a set of C-15 and a set of C-2 or C-3. Our universal quick-attach offers customers the ability to mount our quick-attach style onto other brand loaders; they are sold as sets (2). The bottom loader arm must be less than 4 1/2" wide, and the bucket cylinders must be on the top of the arms.

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