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Loader Selection

Q: Why is selecting a custom loader better than the OEM loader?
A: With the OEM loader you will only get what is standard in the package.  It's like getting cloth upholstery in a new car or truck.  If you're the type of person who wants leather seats... then you need to look at a custom loader for your tractor.  You will notice the difference every time you ride in your car... or, use your loader.  We match a loader to fit your tractor for a comfortable feel during operation.  If you need a loader with more lift height, you can have it.  If you need a loader for dirt work, or to handle large heavy bales, let us know... we can customize your bucket with dirt blades and scarifying teeth or beef up your bucket cylinders for additional breakout and roll back power.  We can do that in 3-5 days, for most applications.

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