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Wagon Options

Westendorf wagons come with a many options and upgrades to customize a wagon or gear to meet your specific hauling needs which simplifies your chores and save you time.

Wagon Options

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Customize Your Wagon

Westendorf wagons come with a great line of options and upgrades to simplify your hauling demands. The wagon gears have five different options to choose from--tandem axle kit; hydraulic surge brakes; a lift kit; three styles of tires; and rims in a variety of sizes.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Hydraulic Surge Brakes are very useful and add protection to wagon trailing.
  • Choose between New Flotation Tires, Regrooved Truck Tires or Super Singles. Note: When using used super single tires, you must have a rim from 1-13/16" to 1-15/16" negative offset.
  • A Lift Kit is required with Super Single Tires for better clearance with the turning radius.
  • The Tandem Axle Kit is great for helping to spread the weight out over your wagon and to reduce stress on the axles.
  • The Flotation Tires are great for heavy hay work because they spread the weight of the tires protecting the roots of the plant.
  • The Super Single Tires are a great combination tire for the field and paved roads.
  • Regrooved Truck Tires are good for wagons that spend more time trailing on paved roads.

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