WW-1610 Wagon Gears

  • WW-1610

Westendorf's heavy-duty 10 ton gear has stood the test of time for over 60 years. If features extra sharp turning radius, high carbon pins, high speed trailing...

Heavy-duty 10 Ton Gear

Product Details

Heavy-Duty Hauling

Our heavy duty 10 ton wagon gear is designed and engineered to give you top performance for many years of rugged use. With so many extra advantages, combined with a competitive price, you are sure to get the best value for your dollar.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Extra heavy duty hub and spindle construction.
  • Extra sharp turning radius.
  • Different tire options.
  • Anti-wear bushings.
  • Built-in camber and castor allow superior, high speed trailing.
  • Telescoping tongue for easy hook-up.
  • Special Reach Clamp to easily adjust the gear's length. Includes insurance chain.
  • Thrust washers to reduce friction on heavy loads.
  • Available with or without rocking bolsters.


Stake Kit, Stake/Hinge Kit, Tandem Axel Kit, Tires, Rims, Wagon Packages (includes box)

porp 65

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Customer Testimonials

I'm 71 years old and have farmed all my life. Over the years I have owned 24 Westendorf gears, 2 front-end loaders, and a grapple fork. I trust Westendorf--they are built real heavy duty.

Joe Stoll - Primghar, IA