BW-220 Hay Man Bale Limo

  • BW-220

The 12 place bale carrier holds 6 bales on each side. It is built very rugged and sturdy and is perfect for hauling multiple bales from the field.

Product Details

Hay Man Bale Limo

The Bale Limo gives you the freedom and versatility to move several bales at one time.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • The tubular design makes it strong and light weight – The best of both worlds!
  • There are cross members bolt on for adjustability.
  • Heavy duty hubs and rims.
  • Extendable tongue with spring for easy hook-ups.
  • The isolation pads act as protection from shocks with heavy loads and reduce stress while towing.
  • Steerable front axle for easy turning.

Spec Sheets & Info:

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