WL-42 Anniversary WL Series (2WD up to 160 HP)

  • WL-42 Anniversary
WL-42 Anniversary

The WL-42 Anniversary loader allows a WL-42 user to upgrade his loader economically and gain all of the modern conveniences found in our newest loaders.

WL-42 Anniversary Loader

Product Details

A Westendorf classic with a modern twist

The WL-42 Anniversary is an upgraded WL-42 package designed exclusively for current owners of a WL-40 or WL-42. The Anniversary edition upholds the “Tried and True” legacy of our classic WL-42 model and gives our valued customers the opportunity to keep their existing brackets and bucket and advance to an all new loader that features some of the newest advantages and conveniences that Westendorf has to offer. This anniversary edition fits on the existing brackets of the WL-42, making it a quick set up and quick change. It also features black and red paint combining the past and present into one. You also have the option to bundle this loader with two of our most popular attachments, the Stack Saver I and Brush Crusher 5000, for a great reduced price!

The WL-42 Anniversary Advantage:

  • Specifically designed to fit and function on two wheel drive tractors. This series of loader really fits well and feels nice during operation.
  • Large power triangle for power and strength.
  • Low-profile fit increases visibility and sightlines while working.
  • Lift height of 13' is ideal for handling hay and stacking bales or just general farm use.
  • Double-tapered arm design resists twisting and increases strength.
  • More power with larger cylinders offers an impressive lift capacity of 4000 lbs.
  • Power-Mount™ is standard. Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than 2 minutes without the use of tools or dangerous stands.
  • Remote Control Coupler that allows you to stay inside your cab and change attachments with a push of a button.
  • All hoses included.


3” Bucket and Lift Cylinders, Remote Control Coupler, Hydraulic Power-Mount, Flat Face Hydra-Snap Manifold, Hose Kit, Bucket Gauge Rod.

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