WL-27 WL Series (2WD up to 160 HP)

  • WL-27

The WL-27 is considered an outstanding hay loader. Its low-profile design looks great on today's newer tractors.

Hay Loader

Product Details

A Real Workhorse

The WL-27 is ready for any chore your tractor can handle. The WL-27 is considered an outstanding hay loader. Its low-profile design looks great on today's newer tractors. You can remove the WL-27 from the tractor just as easily. It's the fastest way to get all those jobs done with one powerful loader. It's the perfect loader that falls between the WL-21 and WL-42 for fits and features.

Same features as our larger loaders:

  • Large power triangle for greater power and strength.
  • Super low-profile fit increases visibility and sightlines while working.
  • Specifically designed to fit and function on two wheel drive tractors. This series of loader really fits well and feels nice during operation.
  • Double-tapered arm design resists twisting and increases strength.
  • Power-Mount™ is included. The loader automatically locks into position without leaving the cab. Just rotate locks to release loader for dismount. Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than 2 minutes without the use of any tools or dangerous stands.
  • Snap-Attach™ System automatically locks attachment into place making bucket swaps fast and easy.
  • Complete line of attachments available.
  • All hoses and mounting brackets included.


2 1/2" Lift & Bucket Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Snap-Attach™, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, MA-40 Hydraulic Manifold, Bucket Gauge Rod and 72” Bucket.


3rd Steel Line for hydraulic attachments, Rotational Indicators, Hydra-Snap™ Manifold, Level Up Advantage, 84" Bucket & Specialty Buckets and complete line of attachments to choose from.


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Customer Testimonials

They Just Don't Compare I own both a 20 series and 40 series Traction Action Loader by Westendorf.  I've owned others in the past, and they just don't compare.  My Westendorfs are large loaders built with strength and durability.  I can easily push silage into my bunker, and my GF-52 grab fork comes back out of the way so I never have to take it off.  It's an excellent tool to handle bunker silage.

Troy Madland - Lyndon Station, WI