WL-21 WL Series (2WD up to 160 HP)

  • WL-21

The WL-21 or the Jiffy Loader™ is great for every day chores like moving hay or cleaning up around the farm. Nothing beats this loader designed for 2WD tractors. It has a huge number of fits, providing for a great resale value.

Jiffy loader

Product Details

Power in a Smaller Size

The WL-21 or the Jiffy Loader™ is the perfect fit for that smaller 2WD tractor, maintaining all of the strength and durability that we put into our larger loaders. Great for moving hay for livestock or cleaning up around the farm. Ideal for older 2WD tractors to maintain fast cycling speeds.

The WL-21 features:

  • Clean bracket design for excellent tire clearance. When your loader is off, your tractor is free to do other chores.
  • Low-profile fit with large power triangle increases lift capacity and allowss faster operating speeds while working.
  • Specifically designed to fit and function on two wheel drive tractors. This series of loader really fits well and feels nice during operation. Just like your favorite pair of gloves.
  • Power-Mount™ is included. The loader automatically locks into position without leaving the cab. Just rotate locks to release loader for dismount. Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than 2 minutes without the use of any tools or dangerous stands.
  • More power with an impressive lift capacity of 3000 lbs.
  • Complete line of attachments available.
  • All hoses and mounting brackets included.


2-1/2” Lift & Bucket Cylinders, Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, MA-40 Hydraulic Manifold, Bucket Gauge Rod and 72” Bucket.


Snap-Attach™ System, 3rd Steel Line for hydraulic attachments, Back-Drag Blade, Bucket Teeth, Rotational Indicators, Hydra-Snap™ Manifold, Level UP Advantage and a complete line of attachments.


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Customer Testimonials

When I went shopping for a loader, I did some research, and word of mouth told me that Westendorf was the way to go. Everybody that I talked to only had good things to say, especially if I ever needed replacement parts. So, after getting my WL-42, I can tell you that it is the best loader I have ever seen, and I've seen a few loaders in my time. I like the way it mounts and dismounts, the quick-attach system, and the overall fit and performance. My brother liked it so much after trying it out, he bought the exact same loader two weeks later. Now we can share attachments and get twice as much done.

Donald Klindt - Atlantic, IA