TA-45 Traction Action Series (30-240 HP)

  • TA-45

An upscale TA-28, introduced to fit the 20 series tractors with a 40 series attachment. It's a great candidate for narrower hooded tractors, and great for the user who has a WL-42 and upgrades to a 4WD tractor.

TA-45 upscale

Product Details

The TA-28 On Steroids

The TA-45 loader is an upscale TA-28. Introduced to fit the 20 series tractors with a 40 series attachment. It's great for the user who has a WL-42 and upgrades to a 4WD tractor. He still needs the 40 series width to use his same attachments. It's a good feedlot loader with a big lift capacity. Other features of the TA-45 include power-linkage, smooth low-profile design, and 3" bucket cylinders. It's a great candidate for narrower hooded tractors.

Advantages of the TA-45:

  • Large Capacity Bucket holds nearly 1.2 cubic yards of material.
  • Power linkage allows excellent dump and roll back angles.
  • Low-profile fit increases visibility and sightlines while working.
  • 3" lift and bucket cylinders for help with heavy-duty loads. The cylinders are lightweight, compact, and highly reliable. Metal piston rings and chrome-plated piston rods add more protection from rust corrosion and stroke wear.
  • Able to lift loads to a height of over 13 feet.
  • Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than two minutes without any tools or dangerous stands.
  • Lightweight double-tapered arm construction resists twisting and increases strength allowing you to lift large payloads.
  • Easy handling with quick loader action allows excellent turning radius and tire clearance.
  • Tool free Snap-Attach ™ system automatically Snap-Locks attachment into place for fast and efficient bucket swaps.
  • Adjustable uni-fit mounting bracket is designed for a custom fit.
  • All hoses your tractor will require are included.
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit several different tractors allowing you to use your loader on multiple tractors. This feature also allows you to retain amazing resale value on your Westendorf loader.


3” Lift & Bucket Cylinders, Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Snap-Attach™, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, MA-40 Hydraulic Manifold, Bucket Gauge Rod and Standard 84” Large Capacity Bucket.


90"- 96" Large Capacity Buckets, 3rd Steel Line for hydraulic attachments, Radiator Grill Guard, Rotational Height & Level Indicators, Hydra-Snap™, Level UP Advantage and complete line of attachments.

TA 45


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Customer Testimonials

Easy On & Off I like the versatility my loader offers me by freeing up my tractor for other chores.  I can take it off practically anywhere.  Two minutes is actually stretching it for the time required to mount or dismount a Westendorf; plus you don't have to leave the tractor seat once the hoses are connected.

John Neuman - Baraboo, WI