FM-585 Freedom Mount (130-260 HP)

  • FM-585

The FM-585 provides the full features of a Westendorf Freedom Mount™ loader with a wider tower to accommodate large tractors with wider hood.

Freedom Mount

Product Details

The Granddaddy of the Series.

The FM-585 is a robust front-end loader designed to work with large, powerful, high horsepower tractors. It has all the same modern day features such as patented lineless cylinders and hydrualic system, Flat Face Hydra-Snap™, huge bucket with double bolt-on blade and double tapered I-beam arms ensure you will have the strength in your loader to match the strength of your tractor. Designed specifically to fit tractors with wider hoods.


The Other Guys Just Don't Have!

  1. Loader Envy - Looks are everything! It’s true - When you look good, you feel good. You will feel the difference every time you have the Freedom Mount loader on your tractor. The styling of the new Freedom Mount loader not only has an undeniable WOW factor, but the intelligent design offers unsurpassed quality, performance and strength.
  2. Flat Face Hydra-Snap™ - Hooking up hydraulic hoses is simple and clean with the patented Hydra-Snap available exclusively from Westendorf. Connect your hoses AND electronics with one, easy-to-operate comfort grip handle. Keep the connections clean with the built-in dust cover, and the parking plate provides convenient storage too.
  3. Auto-Lock Mounting System - You will feel the difference in the new Auto-Lock, solid mount loader system by Westendorf. As the handle lowers, it self-locks the loader in place with a solid grip. To release the loader, just lift the handle. Unlocking is just as easy, just lift the handles, release the loader with the hydraulics and back away!
  4. Low-Profile Visibility - See and Feel the difference in a loader that fits properly with the bucket close and arms to compliment the tractor’s hood contour. The Freedom Mount places all hydraulics inside the arms, not only suppressing wear, but allowing for unencumbered visibility that no other loader comes close to offering.
  5. Remote Control Coupler - Change attachments with a push of a button. With every use, you’ll smile and give yourself a pat on the back for making a smart, value based purchase. Then smile a second time because you’re in the cab and not out in the sweltering heat or in below zero temperatures trying to hammer out pins or pry levers.
  6. Freedom Mount™ - Enjoy the freedom of mounting the loader from the comfort of your cab. To dismount, just set the loader on the bucket. Mounting is just as easy, just drive in and the loader automatically Auto-Locks to the tractor. No Stands. No Time. No Tools. No Pins required.
  7. Max Tire Clearance - Experience the tire freedom your tractor was designed with and keep fenders on most tractor models with optimum row settings maximizing your turning and oscillation ability.
  8. Performance Plus - Westendorf loaders are known for their many advantages – but the proof is in their performance. A Westendorf will do everything you want a loader to do, and more. Maneuver better! Load more! Dump higher! Work Faster! Unparalleled performance!
  9. Smart-Pac / Lineless Cylinders - Increased reliability, improved long term performance equal a SMART solution from Westendorf. The new patented top-shelf cylinder eliminates all external hoses and lines offering you a cleaner appearance and longer hydraulic life in your loader. The patented tapered barrel automatically compresses the seals past the barrel’s edge during assembly for consistent quality assurance every time.
  10. Hidden Hydraulics - The plug and play hidden hydraulic system offers freedom and unobstructed visibility in a loader you never before imagined. All hoses are rated at 3500 psi and run inside the arm of the loader for protection.
  11. Arm Strength - It’s what you don’t see that really counts! Our experience has taught us, the double tapered arm is the key to superior strength. The patented interior I-beam positions the steel where it really matters most, maintaining an optimum loader weight. This allows you to carry more payload, rather than a heavy loader that can bog down your tractor.
  12. More Functions - The Freedom Mount loader offers a wide variety of integrated functions such as the easy to read rotational bucket and height indicators, multiple function joystick capabilities for hydraulic attachments, the comfort ride system to reduce operator fatigue and equipment wear, hydraulic self-leveling, smooth ride fender and more.
  13. Bucket Reputation - Westendorf is famous for bigger, better and stronger bucket designs. Our experience goes back to 1934! We understand manufacturing and how to build a bucket that stands up and lasts. It is common for Westendorf customers to brag about the life of their bucket after 20, 30 or even 40 years of use! The tapered, rib-free interior of this bucket empties quickly without sticking and is reinforced externally for added strength.
  14. Full Featured - The obvious features such as the Flat Face Hydra-Snap and Remote Control Couplers are impressive time-savers. The smaller details are what really make a difference for long term reliability and performance. Large, heavy-duty grease-from-the-end pins with 2-sided locks, integrated grill guard, rotational bucket level indicator, power-linkage, high energy decal package, and an optional synchronizer bar are just a few.
  15. Solid Brackets - The self-aligning tower and solid bracket combine providing a SECURE connection. The brackets are precisely engineered for a consistent and tailored fit to your tractor, making the Freedom Mount package very comfortable to work with.
  16. Attachments Plus - When paired with the ability to change implements from the cab, the wide selection of buckets, spears, grapples, blades, plows and specialty attachments makes the Freedom Mount Loader your one stop shop for your material handling solutions. This Freedom Mount loader will speed up your day-to-day operations saving you time and money.


3-1/2" Smart-Pac Lineless Bucket Cylinders, 4" Smart-Pac Lineless Lift Cylinders, Hydraulic Freedom-Mount™, Standard Bracket Set, Hose Kit, Hydra-Snap™, Grease-From-The-End Pins, Rotational Height and Level Indicators, 98" Large Capacity Bucket with Bolt-On Blade, Remote Control Couplers and Radiator Grill Guard on most fits.


108" Large Capacity Bucket, 3rd Steel Line, Level UP Advantage, Comfort Ride, All Electronic Valve and Joystick Package, and Complete Line of Attachments.

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