TA-160A Compact Series (10-90 HP)

  • TA-160A

The new Westendorf TA-160 gives you incredible lifting power in a small, good-looking package. It has many of the unique design features of the larger Westendorf loaders, so you know it’s easy to use.

Incredible Lifting Power

Product Details

Incredible Lifting Power

The TA-160 is a smooth-shaped loader designed for the serious weekender that needs to handle large round bales. It has incredible lifting power in a small, good-looking package. Scooping snow, moving hay, performing dirt work or unloading pallets, this beauty is ready to work. Features an open tapered bucket for quick cleanout. Fits 2WD tractors from 20 to 60 HP and 4WD tractors from 20 to 50 HP.

TA-160 on Farmall 60

Same features as our larger loaders:

  • Clean bracket design for excellent tire clearance. When your loader is off, your tractor is free to do other chores.
  • Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than 2 minutes without any tools or dangerous stands.
  • Quick-Attach System makes changing attachments easy.
  • Double tapered arm design offers superior strength and incredible lifting power.
  • Complete line of attachments available.
  • All hoses and mounting brackets included.


2” Lift and Bucket Cylinders, Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Quick-Attach, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, Bucket Gauge Rod and 60” Bucket.


66" Tapered Bucket, Skid Steer Adapter, 60" or 66" Skid Steer Bucket, 3-Prong Bale Spear, 60" Bucket Teeth, 60" Dozer Blade, 72" V-Plow, Ballast 3-point Barrel Holder, Forklift with 42" Teeth, Brush Crusher, Hydra-Snap™ Manifold, Hydraulic Valve Block, and Power Beyond.


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