BC-700 Finishing Teeth Brush Crusher

  • BC-700 Finishing Teeth
BC-700 Finishing Teeth

No job is done…until it's finished! Get professional results with these patented Quick- Attach Finishing Teeth for your Brush Crusher™ by Westendorf.

Makes clean-up a breeze!

Product Details

Finish the Job Right!

No job is done…until it's finished! Get professional results with these patented Quick-Attach Finishing Teeth by Westendorf. These finishing teeth are available for the BC-7000 skid-steer unit. They can be mounted by simply driving into the teeth and rolling back the Brush Crusher™ to seat the teeth. Rotate stands to secure teeth to unit. This leaves you free to clean up smaller debris, but leave dirt behind, which is great when you are moving material to a burn pile. Saves you money when taking material to the landfill.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • The teeth are spaced so that you can pick up small debris such as sticks and twigs, but leave the dirt behind.
  • Built strong with high-quality steel to ensure years of productivity.
  • Mounts and dismounts in just seconds, and doesn't require the use of tools.
  • Built-in stands support the teeth while in the off position. These stands are also the latching mechanism that secures the teeth to the back of the unit.

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Customer Testimonials

Adding Fingers to My Loader I had this huge rock in my yard, and it wouldn't fit in my bucket.  I had an opportunity to test a new product for Westendorf and was amazed at the power these teeth have.  In addition to picking up that rock, I've moved culverts, cleaned out my trees, and hauled piles of firewood and debris.  It was like adding fingers to the end of my loader arms.  Jobs that would have been messy and taken me hours were done in just minutes!

Mike Downey - Desoto, IA