FLM-42 Lift & Carry

  • FLM-42

The ideal tool to fit your compact loader and many material handling needs. The FLM-42 standard with adjustable teeth, built-in spill guards and the 100 Series quick coupler.

Ideal Forklift

Product Details

Fork Lift

Small or large we have a forklift to fit your material handling needs. Comes standard with 42" pallet forks. The FLM- 42 comes with a quick coupler that fits the 100 series loader models.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Adjustable forks to accommodate different sized pallets.
  • The FLM-42 Fork Lift comes standard with Quick-Attach couplers for easy on and off attachment.
  • Heat treated forged forks provide superior strength for carrying large loads.
  • Frame is constructed from high-strength steel for maximum durability.
  • Spill guard prevents materials from rolling back onto the tractor.
  • Excellent visibility through the frame and spill guard so the operator can see the fork ends.


Pin-Type Brackets, Skid Steer Adapters.

prop 65

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Customer Testimonials

The Obvious Choice  There are a lot of compact tractors on the market and even more parts to go on them.  When making my decision on a loader, I did my research.  I planned on using it a lot so durability was a factor, quality was equally important, and lastly service/warranty/support.  It was an obvious choice at that point.  Westendorf loaders and implements are the finest in the business.  The prices are aggressive and the support and service have been far more than I anticipated.  My dealings with the Sales Team made the choice very easy.  When I picked up my unit, they even trained me on how to use the loader and tractor canopy.  They far exceeded my expectations, and I would certainly recommend Westendorf loaders and implements to anyone with a tractor--especially the little guy like me.  Affordable, reliable, great service, and some of the nicest people to work with in the business!

Bud Reynolds - Reynolds Enterprises