FL-48 Lift & Carry

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The FL-48 is the largest industrial grade forklift. It has built-in features like adjustable teeth, spill guard and Snap-Attach™ adapters make this attachment a multi-use tool.

The Largest Industrial Grade Forklift

Product Details

Fork Lift with 48" Teeth

The FL-48 is the larger industrial grade forklift we manufacture. It is standard with adjustable teeth, built-in spill guard, and Snap-Attach™ couplers to fit your Westendorf loader. Pin brackets or skid steer adapters are available.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • 48" Forks fully support the pallet.
  • Adjustable forks to accommodate different sized pallets.
  • The FL-48 Forklift comes standard with Snap-Attach™ couplers for easy on and off attachment.
  • Heat treated forged forks provide superior strength for carrying large loads.
  • Frame is constructed from high-strength steel for maximum durability.
  • Spill guard prevents materials from rolling back onto the tractor.
  • Excellent visibility through the frame and spill guard so the operator can see the fork ends.


Pin-Type Brackets and Skid Steer Adapters.

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Customer Testimonials

I currently own a WL-42 front-end loader, which is on a 185 Allis Chalmers tractor. I would like to state that this is the finest loader I have ever seen. This thing is incredibly easy to install/remove I cannot imagine owning any other loader.

Allen Gross