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The FL-42 is an industrial grade forklift. Built- in features like adjustable teeth, spill guard and quick attach adapters makes this attachment a multi-use tool.

Industrial Grade Forkift

Product Details

Fork Lift with 42" Teeth

The FL-42 is the smaller industrial grade forklift. It is standard with adjustable teeth, built-in spill guard, and Snap-Attach™ couplers to fit your Westendorf loader. Pin brackets or skid steer adaptable couplers are available.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • 42" forks are shorter to prevent them from sticking through your pallet and poking adjacent materials.
  • Adjustable forks to accommodate different sized pallets.
  • The FL-42 Fork Lift comes standard with Snap-Attach™ couplers for easy on and off attachment.
  • Heat treated forged forks provide superior strength for carrying larger, heavier loads.
  • Frame is constructed from high strength steel for maximum durability.
  • Spill guard prevents materials from rolling back onto the tractor.
  • Excellent visibility through the frame and spill guard so the operator can see the fork ends.


Pin-Type Brackets, Skid Steer Adapters.

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Customer Testimonials

I saw your article to Farm Bureau Magazine. We bought a loader of yours in 1972 and later a grapple fork in 1976. All is still working well. Only one little cylinder repair once. We feed cattle and it is used hard for everything. My cost of the loader at the time was $1111.11 bought from Barnard Implement in Eldora, IA. I am 82 years old and still using your loader after 34 years. Keep up the good work.

Carl King - Eldora, IA