SS-II-3L Hay Handling

  • SS-II-3L

The Stack Saver ll-3L with patented push-off is for handling square and round bales. Does not require additional hydraulics, cylinder or 3rd line.

Hay Handling

Product Details

Stack Saver II-3L

When it comes to handling hay bales the patented Stack Saver is the perfect tool to get the job done. The Stack Saver ll-3L is for handling large square and round bales. It does not require additional hydraulics, added cylinders or 3rd line to utilize the Automatic Push-Off. It utilizes the bucket cylinders on your loader to push-off the bale while the frame holds the bale stationary. It eliminates the problem of having spears stick in the bale, even at two or three high.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Patented design gives you a one of a kind tool that will speed up your hay operations.
  • No additional hydraulics required - it uses what you alreay have.
  • Sturdy, dependable reinforced frame.
  • Patented Snap-Attach™ system for tool- free quick installation and removal in just seconds.
  • Three spears are made of heat treated forged steel with a full tapered length for easy penetration and release.


Combination Coupler and Pin-Type Bracket.

prop 65 

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Customer Testimonials

I have used the Brush Crusher to pile trees as high as the loader will go.  I no longer have to cut up trees to get them to the burn pile, I just pick up the whole tree and stack it for burning.  When I first got the attachment, I had trouble understanding how to work the Brush Crusher.  They sent out a man to set it up and show me how to work it.  Name any other company that will do that for one person who bought a small item as a Brush Crusher. The Brush Crusher has saved me dozens of chain saw chains and an aching back. 

Dennis Trometer - Jamaica, IA