SP-42 Hay Handling

  • SP-42

The SP-42 Bale Spear is a two-prong spear for round and/or square bales. Elevated spears keep the spears from going under the bale and cutting the twine.

Two Prong Spear

Product Details

Two-Prong Bale Spear

The SP-42 Bale Spear is a two- prong spear for round and/or square bales. Elevated spears keep the spears from going under the bale and cutting the twine.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Patented Snap-Attach™ system for tool- free quick installation and removal in just seconds.
  • Both spears are made of heat treated forged steel with a full tapered length for easy penetration and release.
  • Spears positioned for optimal balance and support of bales.
  • Spears are bolted on for easy maintenance.


Pin-Type Brackets and Skid Steer Adapter.

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Customer Testimonials

I owned a weld shop, and I was continuously fixing and repairing loaders. When I bought myself a loader, I was determined it was going to be a Westendorf loader. Nobody else had one like it. Whenever they saw my loader, they would say, 'That's the stoutest loader I've ever seen!' It was built stronger, and I never had any trouble with it.
What really convinced me of the loader's strength is in the following story:
I had a fire break out in the barn, over 2,000 gallons of gasoline started on fire. I had my tractor and loader parked in the barn. The fire melted the tires right off the tractor, melted the tractor's hood and busted up the cab. The loader was scorched, the decals and hoses had melted off, but I wasn't sure about the loader's condition so I called my local Westendorf dealer to come out and take a look. He told me that loader had an internal I-Beam or double wall construction and the loader wasn't damaged. I couldn't believe it didn't split the loader's frame. Nothing warped, no welds were broken, the bucket was still in excellent condition. I couldn't believe the loader wasn't hurt - I took it up the road to a body shop, had it sand blasted, repainted, reinstalled the hoses and sold it.
That was a good loader. I had a dozer blade, bucket and pallet fork. Even after 10 years I never had to sharpen the bucket's blade. I leveled dirt, pushed out trees and sprouts, the blade stayed sharp. I really like the easy hook up system. I could sit in the tractor seat and see what I was working with. The low-profile allowed me to see to align the units. All I had to do was back up, hook on to the other attachment and I was back to work.
My Westendorf loader was a really fine outfit - that's for sure. If I were to go back into farming again, I definitely wouldn't buy anything but a Westendorf.

Bill Gossett - Casy, IL