GF-96-3D Grab Forks

  • GF-96-3D

The GF-96-3D Cat Claw is a wider version of the 84" model. This new generation grab fork has compound capabilities, multiple movements, and three dimensional action.

96-3D Cat Claw

Product Details

A Material Handling Solution That Really Bites!

The new patented GF-96-3D Cat Claw is a new generation grab fork designed with compound capabilities, multiple movements, and triple actions. The massive V-shaped curved teeth have a distinctive tapered design and built-in bracing to handle increased side pressures to resist twisting. It crushes, it pulls, it fills and handles many unforgiving, hard to handle loads with ease. Note: Only available for loaders with Large Capacity Bucket capabilities.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • The GF-96-3D Cat Claw Grab Fork power mounts to the bucket in a fast, tool-free process that saves time.
  • Three Dimensional action increases load capacity 200% and cuts handling time in half!
  • Two pivot points on the 3-D grab fork allow the user to reach out past the bucket's front edge & over material to pull it back into the bucket.
  • V-Shaped curved teeth with built-in bracing handle increased side pressures and resist twisting.
  • Built-in stand for easy mount and dismount.
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders operate in unison off one hydrualic lever.


Skid Steer Adapter.

prop 65

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Customer Testimonials

I ordered the Freedom Mount loader with the New Cat Claw grapple. I use it mostly hauling hay and stock bales – haven’t moved a lot of brush yet, but it worked well on a couple cedar trees I removed from the fence line.   The Cat Claw is excellent, and I can even dismount my loader without having to remove the grapple. It works great for large round bales; I even pick up two stock bales at one time and take them to the cattle yard saving myself multiple trips.

Dave and Karla McGrain, Castana, IA