GF-96-3D Grab Forks

  • GF-96-3D

The GF-96-3D Cat Claw is a wider version of the 84" model. This new generation grab fork has compound capabilities, multiple movements, and three dimensional action.

96-3D Cat Claw

Product Details

A Material Handling Solution That Really Bites!

The new patented GF-96-3D Cat Claw is a new generation grab fork designed with compound capabilities, multiple movements, and triple actions. The massive V-shaped curved teeth have a distinctive tapered design and built-in bracing to handle increased side pressures to resist twisting. It crushes, it pulls, it fills and handles many unforgiving, hard to handle loads with ease. Note: Only available for loaders with Large Capacity Bucket capabilities.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • The GF-96-3D Cat Claw Grab Fork power mounts to the bucket in a fast, tool-free process that saves time.
  • Three Dimensional action increases load capacity 200% and cuts handling time in half!
  • Two pivot points on the 3-D grab fork allow the user to reach out past the bucket's front edge & over material to pull it back into the bucket.
  • V-Shaped curved teeth with built-in bracing handle increased side pressures and resist twisting.
  • Built-in stand for easy mount and dismount.
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders operate in unison off one hydrualic lever.


Skid Steer Adapter.

prop 65

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Customer Testimonials

Gentlemen, I just attended the Farm Progress Show at Decatur, Illinois. I want to comment on the equipment which you had displayed. I was impressed! I am a retired engineer with 12 patents and now go to such shows to see what is new and where things are going with machinery. Most of the stuff is just bigger and more expensive. Your engineers are to be congratulated for some creative design work. Please give one of them a pat on the back from an old man who did some innovative work in his time, too. Congratulations!

John Chapman