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  • Z-47 Feeder Bucket
Z-47 Feeder Bucket

The Z-47 Bucket is a multi-purpose bucket that saves time. It handles many different applications without changing attachments.

Feeder Bucket

Product Details

4-In-1 Gets The Job Done

The Z-47 Bucket does it ALL! It is a multi-purpose bucket that grabs like a grab fork, scoops like a bucket, dozes like a blade--all without changing attachments.

The All-In-One Advantage:

  • Dual cylinders operate the powerful Clam- shell syle bucket.
  • The stiffeners along the sides add extra strength to the bucket.
  • Welded-in cutting edge made of high carbon steel to give you more strength without the added weight.
  • It rakes; it grabs; it dozes; it scoops.
  • Capacity up to 1.5 cubic yards.
  • Opens wide to handle large round bales.
  • Has teeth on both the top and bottom edges of the bucket. When they are shut, they intersect and close tightly.
  • Bucket is available with the Snap-Attach™ or Universal pin type connector.


Snap-Attach™, Universal Pin Connector

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