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Heavy Duty Contoured Bucket

A blend of technology and style has forged one of the best buckets money can buy.

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The Heavy Duty Contoured bucket is a strong bucket that is available with the Custom Contour Series loaders and the WL-49 loader. A blend of technology and style has resulted in one of the best buckets money can buy.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Patented bucket design is tapered on all sides for quick release of materials.
  • The stiffeners along the sides add extra strength to the bucket.
  • The no-rib bucket interior cleans out easily and comes in the eye-catching "Electric Ice" color.
  • Welded-in cutting edge made of high carbon steel gives you more strength without the added weight.
  • Reinforced by runners that allow the loader, not the bucket, to absorb the shock of digging.
  • Capacity up to 1.4 cubic yards.
  • Solid steel tube top rail for extra strength.
  • Chain Hooks with the slip-in design is a standard item on this bucket.
  • Lightweight bucket made from durable high-strength steel.
  • Bucket is available with the Snap-Attach™ or Universal pin type connector.


Snap-Attach™, Universal Pin Connector, Back Drag Blade, Back Drag Blade with Teeth, and Bucket Teeth. prop 65

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Customer Testimonials

A Man's Two Best Friends... His Westendorf and His Dog I really like the 340 loader; it's a very powerful loader, and it's made very well.  This loader really looks good on the tractor, like it's been molded to fit; you can see really well because of this.  I especially like the heavy-duty bucket and how easy the loader is to take on and off the tractor.  I've used it for everything around the farm and have not had any problems.  I'm a satisfied customer.

Mike Gfeller - Junction City, KS