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Feed Bunk Bucket

The Feed Bunk Bucket is designed to clear the snow and mud away under a feed bunk where a regular bucket cannot reach.

Feed Bunk Bucket

Product Details

Great Time Saver!

Westendorf's patented Feed Bunk Bucket is designed to clear the snow, mud and materials from under a feed bunk where your regular bucket cannot reach. In the case of snow, it prevents the snow that is left from the regular bucket to melt and freeze over where you need to go with your feed wagon and tractor in the future. What's nice is that this shape doesn't prevent its use as a regular bucket.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Patented bucket design is tapered on all sides for quick release of materials. The Feed Bunk Bucket has a side plate with a wider flare that makes it possible for the sides of the bucket to reach under the lip of the feed bunk.
  • The stiffeners along the sides add extra strength to the bucket.
  • Welded-in cutting edge is made of high carbon steel to give you more strength without the added weight.
  • It is reinforced by runners that allow the loader to absorb the shock of digging, not the bucket.
  • Capacity up to 1.4 cubic yards.
  • Solid steel tube top rail for extra strength.
  • Chain Hooks with the slip-in design is a standard item on this bucket.
  • Lightweight bucket made from durable high-strength steel.
  • Bucket is available with the Snap-Attach™ or Universal pin type connector.


Snap-Attach™, Universal Pin Connector, Bucket Teeth and Chain Hooks. prop 65
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