Back-Drag Blade Bucket Options

  • Back-Drag Blade
Back-Drag Blade

New patented option for your bucket that comes with or without teeth and is available in multiple lengths.

Back-Drag Blade

Product Details

Back Drag Bucket

When you use the bucket's front blade to back drag, it's hard to control, hard to see, and it is hard on your bucket. If you back drag with your bucket in the incorrect position, it will cause unnecessary leverage strain on your bucket cylinders. Here you can use the back-drag blade to cut stronger without the cylinder strain; plus, use the bucket as a depth gauge. You can roll back the bucket further to utilize the scarifying teeth, or use the teeth to loosen what you are trying to work with, without leaving your cab or changing attachments.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Does not interfere with normal bucket operation.
  • The Back-Drag Blade can be welded on to your existing bucket.
  • Reduces stress and strain on your cylinders.


Back-Drag Blade with Teeth.

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