Why Westendorf

For nearly 80 years Westendorf has been manufacturing the strongest, most reliable and highest quality tractor loaders on the market. Designed with you, the customer, in mind--a Westendorf front end loader will exceed all your material handling expectations in lift height, lift capacities, and performance while maintaining the lowest-profile you need. Westendorf stands in the heart of America's farmbelt. Born in 1934 this Onawa, IA, business has grown to become the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of Power-Mount™ loaders, as well as quick-change attachments, versatile tractor implements and attachments. Westendorf is recognized as an innovative producer of loaders and equipment that fit over 15,000 makes/models of tractors. You've always wanted a Westendorf; it's time to get one. You work hard; you deserve a loader that is designed to handle day-to-day use and performs as well as your favorite pair of gloves. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why a Westendorf is the right loader for you.

Freedom Mount™

The Freedom Mount™ series is built with the most cutting-edge technology by some of the smartest design engineers, experienced weld technicians, and brilliant research and development teams. So you're getting the latest technological advancements and a loader that offers the best visibility on the market, precision positioning, a triple-force arm, plug-n-play hidden hydraulic system, perfect bucket with double bolt-on cutting edge, one-piece mounting bracket, remote control coupler for lightning fast implement changes, and all new mounting system that gives new meaning to the term "quick on and off."

Power Mount™

We go the extra mile to engineer the fastest, easiest, and most versatile loader mounting and dismounting system in the industry. This patented feature is not only a quick-mount loader, but a true hydraulic Power-Mount™ loader. It allows your loader to be mounted or dismounted in less than two minutes without the use of tools. There are no complicated, dangerous stands to store, misplace, lose, or damage.

A Westendorf loader uses the hydraulic cylinders and the tower to move the loader on and off the tractor automatically. When it goes on, it automatically locks itself on so you don't have to get off the tractor again. When you take it off, you don't have to be concerned where you park it. If it is bogged down in mud, or freezes to the ground, you can just hook up the loader to your tractor hydraulics, adjust the loader's position, and drive right in. It's that simple.

Remote Control Coupler

Change attachments with the push of a button. With every use, you'll smile and give yourself a pat on the back for making a smart, value based purchase. Then smile a second time because you're in the cab and not out in the sweltering heat or in below zero temperatures trying to hammer out pins or pry levers.

Quick Change Bucket System

The patented Snap-Attach™ System has many features that set this system above the rest. The patented, self-aligning V-guide has two functions. First, it automatically centers itself allowing trouble free alignment every time. Second, it keeps the connection tight. Other flat models on the market are hard to align and show excessive wear, while the V-guide will always stay tight because the harder you push, the tighter the connection becomes. This system keeps the pivot pin closer to the bucket for better bucket action.

It's very simple; just drive up into the V-shaped coupler. It will self-align with the Snap-Attach™ unit. Roll back the bucket and hear the pins SNAP-LOCK into place. No tools or additional trips off the tractor to secure the attachment. Also available with the some models of the 100 series are skid steer adapters to convert your loader so you can share attachments with your skid steer allowing you to save time and money.


This isn't just another coupling system, but a patented multi-unit, one-lever coupling system that allows the disconnection or connection of ALL the hydraulic hoses in one step. Each hose is fastened to a self-aligning plate. The self aligning plate is keyed so there is no way to get the hoses mixed up. To disconnect the hoses, just rotate the lever 90 degrees to release all the hoses. To reconnect, position the self-aligning plate into the Hydra-Snap™, keeping the lever at 90 degrees. Once the hose assembly engages, push the lever down to couple all the hoses in one smooth motion.

In this case, bigger is better...

A Standard Westendorf bucket, in most cases, is larger than the competitors' high capacity buckets. Since we've been manufacturing loaders, our buckets have been the best buckets in the industry.

The exclusive patented bucket shape is only available from Westendorf. Just like a dixie cup or a sand mold, Westendorf buckets have a double tapered design that allows material to dump freely and easily from the bucket.

Available from 36" to 120" with capacities from 4 cubic feet to 54 cubic feet, the buckets have a welded-in cutting edge to give you more strength without the added weight. The top rail is used as an anchor to allow our grapple forks to be quickly mounted and dismounted. The ribbed sides add strength to the design. Bracing on the bottom of the bucket, behind the cutting edge and up the back of the bucket under the quick couplers allows the loader to absorb the shock of digging, not the bucket. Bucket replacement parts, like replaceable weld-on or bolt-on blades, are readily available.

Compare sizes, and you will be amazed! (see photo) You can order a bucket from Westendorf with the patented quick coupling Snap-Attach™ system, universal pin type connector, or without any connectors.

Rotational Indicators

Save time & money by speeding up your operations safely with two new patented position indicators from Westendorf. Great for repetitive tasks like stacking hay or monitoring raised loads. Westendorf's unique indicators let you know the "FULL RANGE OF MOTION" readings. The Height Indicator monitors from the ground to maximum lift. The Level Indicator monitors the bucket position with an added range of measurement from rolled back to fully dumped.

It's what you don't see that really counts

Westendorf has been around since 1934, and since then, we've developed a simple design concept that has proven itself over and over throughout the years."It's not how much steel you use, but it's where you put the steel that really counts."

Westendorf loaders are strong and durable; yet, they are considerably lighter in weight than other loaders on the market. If you compare strength per weight, we win hands down every time. You should be carrying payloads, not a heavy loader that can bog down or stress your tractor. We design loaders around the heavy users and have learned from experience where to put the steel. Our double-tapered arms resist twisting; and our patented interior I-beam reinforcement keeps the loader light, but very strong. "It's what you don't see that really makes the difference."

It's the fit that makes all the difference

We fit more older tractors than anyone else while still keeping current with today's market--nearly 12,000 fits for 2WD and 4WD tractors and it's growing everyday. You don't have to buy a new tractor to get the latest loader technology.

Westendorf loaders are made to fit. Professionally engineered and designed to offer the lowest profile. The low-profile design doesn't just look better, it increases visibility and performance. Just like a Westendorf loader, good work gloves fit well, have a rugged design, and don't interfere with the task at hand.

Not only does a Westendorf loader fit your tractor well, it can easily be adjusted to fit several different tractors by purchasing a different set of brackets. This feature allows two things. First, you can use a Westendorf loader on multiple tractors in your operation or switch from the open-air cab in the summer months to the enclosed cab for hauling snow during the winter months. Second, you retain amazing resale value on your Westendorf loader--the highest of any brand on the market today. You can sell or easily upgrade your loader because it can be adapted to fit a different tractor in the same horsepower range. Westendorf makes lifetime loaders--it will fit something else when your tractor needs to be replaced.

Are you playing the numbers game?

When you are shopping for a loader, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. A person can easily get tangled up in comparing numbers from one loader to the next.

Numbers and specifications can be helpful, but can also be very misleading and easily skewed. If you are going to compare the lift capacity with a breakout capacity, make sure they are both tested at the same PSI. Many companies test at different PSI to get more favorable results. At Westendorf, we test all our loaders at today's ASAE Standards at 2500 PSI, and 2000 PSI for the compact loaders. Lift capacity is measured at full loader height, not at 59" or some mid-range point to skew the numbers.

There are better ways to select a loader. First and foremost, you must consider the chores and types of materials you will be handling. Will you need a specific lift height to stack bales three high?

Will you be handling seed and need to lift a minimum of 3,000 pounds? Let us know what you want to do with your new loader, and we will exceed your expectations every time!

The latest loader technology can be yours

There's no need to buy a new tractor and invest a large sum of money to get the latest and most current loader technology. Since the late 50's, we have been leading the industry with innovative and new advancements in front-end loader technology. When you buy a Westendorf loader, you can take advantage of our extensive tractor-loader fit history. This allows you, as a Westendorf owner, several key advantages.

First, with the purchase of a second set of mounting brackets, you will be able to interchange a single loader on multiple tractors. Switch your loader to the tractor with a cab for winter chores. This increases the versatility and productivity to get your chores done on time. The hydraulic mounting and dismounting takes less than two minutes and doesn't require any tools or dangerous stands.

Second, you can purchase a new loader equipped with all the modern day bells and whistles without having to invest a lot of money in a new tractor. We maintain thousands of specifications on older model tractors to offer more versatility and increase resale values.

Third, we are always designing and expanding our current loader line. During this process, we always consider the older models still being used today. We make sure the parts are transposable so we can supply replacement parts for loaders that were built over 30 years ago.

Level UP Advantage

Enhance your loader's productivity with this new self-leveling valve. This economical solution is available on most Westendorf loaders. This feature automatically keeps the bucket level as it is being raised. This valve eliminates the operator leveling function, which reduces operator fatigue and leads to greater productivity. Level Up Advantage turns every operator into a pro and helps prevent spillage.

In operation, the valve directs a portion of the exhaust oil from the lift cylinder to the bucket cylinder for automatic leveling. The valve works well with a wide range of equipment attachment applications including buckets, bale spears, forklifts, and booms.

It's all about precision.

You won't believe it until you try it. Experience precision like never before with this new hydraulic valve and first-class cable joystick. It gives you the kind of fingertip control that the competition can only dream about. The ergonomic design of the handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The adjustable mounting bracket has been carefully designed for maximum operator ease. It is available in floor mount or fender mount models. With this in-line valve, you get quick, clean, and compact installation. Plus, the quick-connect couplers are color coded for simple connection.

This new precision valve and joystick combination is available on all Westendorf loaders. If you have a need for the 3rd function to operate a grab fork or other style attachment, this valve and joystick package is available with an electric 3rd spool fingertip control. For heavy users, order this with the new Level UP Advantage.

Skid Steers?

You have a skid steer loader. Why not share attachments? New adapters are now available from Westendorf to convert the 100 Series loaders and the TA-25 loader to be skid steer compatible. The ability to interchange attachments will save you time and money.

So what do you do if you have a Westendorf loader with the Snap-Attach™ system and several of the quick change attachments? Can you still use these on your skid steer? No problem! Just ask for a set of C-19's and you can convert any Westendorf attachment to work on your skid steer.


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