X-Large Cool Cap™ Cool Cap Tractor Canopy

  • X-Large Cool Cap™
X-Large Cool Cap™

The X-Large Cool Cap™ is suited to fit larger tractors and special shade applications where added sun protection is required. Available in any color.

X-Large Cool Cap

Product Details

Made In The Shade

The Extra Large Cool Cap™ is suited to fit larger tractors with ROPS. Available in any color. Available in many colors to compliment your tractor.

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The Westendorf advantage:

  • Keeps you cool and saves you from the irritations of sunburn & the dangers of heat exhaustion, sun stroke, and skin cancer from long term exposure to sunlight.
  • Available with low-profile fixed or Easy- Off mounting brackets. The universal design of the brackets will fit round or square ROPS up to 6" in diameter.
  • Built-in tilt adjustment for slanted ROPS.
  • Easy-Off optional bracket design allows installation and removal in just seconds without the use of tools. This design helps increase productivity by allowing you to take it on or off when needed. Works well in situations where you need to avoid low-hanging objects such as tree branches to get in close to do your job.
  • The patented sleek, contoured shape will add to the appearance and value of your tractor.
  • The ISO-Ceramic™ thermo-set composite used in the manufacturing process is strong and rigid with superior heat reflection. While regular fiberglass or metal canopies tend to absorb or conduct heat, Cool Caps™ beat back the heat. This makes work cooler and more comfortable.


Easy-Off Mounting Brackets



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Customer Testimonials

I received the Westendorf Cool Cap Canopy for my John Deere 4310 today.  It took less than 1 hour to install.  All the parts and hardware were there.  First time in a while I have put something together that wasn't missing even a single washer.  The instructions were well written and easy to follow.  Must have been written by someone in this country. (American English).

Gary B. Spring - Cambridge, OH