Universal Snap-Attach™

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Westendorf’s patented Snap-Attach™ system on your other brand loader. The Snap-Attach™ is the most reliable quick attach, quick change bucket system on the market today. Tried and True for over 30 years, this quick attach is easy to install, easy to use, and the design concept is timeless. Simply put, we got it right the first time, so you would have a reliable and permanent quick-attach solution. It enables you to use Westendorf’s full line of attachments, and also make other brand attachments compatible with your existing loader.

The Snap-Attach™ Advantage:

  • SAVES TIME & MONEY – MAKES CENT$. The Snap-Attach™ system is an economical solution that is superior to other brand quick-attach systems. The patented design was made right the first time, which means you won’t have to pay a small fortune for upgrades every time the next “best thing” comes along and is no longer compatible with what you already have. All this combined with the time and physical labor saved, it just make cent$ (or dollars) to switch to Snap-Attach™.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. Simply pin the couplers to your loader arms, and you’re ready to begin using your Snap-Attach™ system. Westendorf has a full line of attachments; plus, you can also convert other brand attachments by simply adding weld-on or bolt-on adapters.
  • SELF-ALIGNING. The self-aligning V-guide automatically centers itself for trouble free alignment making it easy to drive into the attachment and get to work. Other brand flat faced designs are hard to align and waste time with multiple trips off the tractor. The V-guide design also keeps the connection between the loader and attachment tighter than other flat faced designs that wear easily and weaken the connection. The V-guide will always stay tight because the harder you push, the tighter the connection becomes.
  • EASY TO USE - NO TOOLS REQUIRED - IT'S A SNAP! Pull up the handles to release the pins, drive in, hook up, roll back the bucket cylinders and hear the pin SNAP-lock your attachment into place. This simple process saves time by eliminating multiple trips off the tractor, and it reduces exposure to the elements. To switch attachments just pull up the handles to release the pins, set down the attachment, and you are ready to hook up to your next attachment. No tools, no prying of pins or additional trips off the tractor to secure the attachment.
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