5' Utility Landscraper™

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5' Utility Landscraper™

Coverage, Mobility, Versatility

The 5’ Utility Landscraper is the newest size to the line of the most versatile piece of equipment you’ll ever own. Attach to your ATV/UTV or to your tractor and reclaim your driveways, ditches and more!

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The 5’ Landscraper has the ability to attach to a tractor’s three-point hitch or be pulled behind a UTV/ATV making it a versatile piece of equipment. With four teeth inside the box, you can loosen up the land you are trying to reclaim.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Strong and durable because Westendorf uses high strength steel and a reinforced construction for maximum performance on the job.
  • The 5' Landscraper™ has 4 adjustable steel digging teeth to break up tough, packed dirt, or reclaim gravel lost in the dirt
  • A versatile tool that gives you the flexbility to switch between your ATV/UTV and the 3-point on your small tractor
  • 60" width for optimal mobility and coverage
  • Electric lift (on ATV/UTV)
  • Heavy duty weight box increases the versatility of the Landscraper™.
  • Standard build in back blade on box to use back a a push box and fill in depressions


4 adjustable scaifying teeth included!

Availible with hitch kit, 3-point kit, or both!

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