MAX420 MAX Series (60-120 HP)

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Westendorf loaders are known for their many advantages – but the proof is in their performance. The MAX420 will do everything you want a loader to do, and more. Maneuver better! Load more! Dump higher! Work Faster! The styling of Max not only has an undeniable WOW factor, but the intelligent design offers unsurpassed quality, performance and strength.


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The Other Guys Just Don't Have!

1) FINALLY, a loader that fits the way it should!
Westendorf has a new sleek smooth loader design that isn’t “just for looks”. It’s not that we spend all this time making a loader look good. It’s that when something works this well – looking good comes naturally. Form meets Function with the sleek and sturdy arms that conceal all hydraulic lines. The stream-lined profile allows for unencumbered visibility, and the sculptured Jacket protects the lines with style. 
2) Change Attachments from the Tractor’s Seat!
With the Remote Control Coupler you'll smile, and give yourself a pat on the back for making a smart, value based purchase. Keep warm in the winter or cool in the summer because you can now change attachments from the comfort of your cab without leaving the tractor seat. No more stubborn pins to hammer out or levers to pry, just change attachments with the push of a button.
3) Couple ALL Hoses Easily with ONE Lever
Hydraulic hook-ups on a front end loader have always been challenging and messy… until now! The patented Flat Face Hydra-Snap™ hooks-up hydraulic and electrical connections correctly all at once with the turn of a handle. And when you’re done with your loader, the hookups are put away easily and protected from debris.
4) Maximize your tractor’s Freedom
The Max solid mounting bracket system eliminates dangerous kick stands and extra trips off the tractor. To Freedom Mount™ the loader , simply lower the bucket to ground, rotate the Smart-Locks, and use the loader’s hydraulic power to dismount the loader. Mounting is just as easy, just drive in and the loader automatically Smart-Locks to the tractor with a Max Grip. You can take the loader on or off the tractor in less than a minute! No Tools! No Pins! No Stands! No Hassles!

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MAX Videos: Freedom Mounting | Smart-Lock | Flat Face Hydra-Snap™ | Performance Plus | Form & Function


3" Smart-Pac Lineless Bucket Cylinders, 3-1/2" Smart-Pac Lineless Lift Cylinders, Hydraulic Freedom-Mount™, Smart-Lock, Standard Bracket Set, Hose Kit, Hydra-Snap™, Grease-From-The-End Pins, Rotational Height and Level Indicators, 84" Large Capacity Bucket, Remote Control Couplers and Radiator Grill Guard on most fits.


3rd Steel Line, Level UP Advantage, Comfort Ride, All Electronic Valve and Joystick Package, and Complete Line of Attachments.



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Customer Testimonials

I like the ease of taking the loader on and off the tractor, and how easy it is to change out attachments with the Remote Control Coupler.

Jim Olson - Logan, IA