CC-360 Custom Contour Series (85-240 HP)

  • CC-360

The CC-360 has all the same features as the other Custom Contour series with an added lift height of 14'2".

Product Details

What's Missing? Absolutely Nothing!

The 360 Custom Contour has the same sleek, patented design and fits a whole new class of hard-to-fit tractors being introduced on the market today. It fits up to 14.9 x 30 tires with fenders and maintains the tractor's turning radius and maneuverability.

The Custom Contour Advantage:


  • All hydraulic hoses are hidden inside the loader's arms to eliminate hose snags and potential UV deterioration. This patented concept allows fittings to be easily accessed at the tower base or at cylinder pivot points.
  • The 360 has an impressive low-profile contoured shape that fits the profile of today’s newer tractors in both 2 & 4WD up to 200 HP.
  • In addition to its contoured shape, this series has received outstanding performance reviews for its unrestricted turning ability, ease of use, and lift height of 14'2".
  • It is painted an eye-catching “Electric Ice” color and has brand specific decals to compliment most makes and models of tractors.
  • It has a reinforced heavy duty bucket that features a no-spill design, built-in chain hooks, clean no-ribbed interior and enhanced bucket linkage that allows unbelievable roll back and dump angles of nearly 90°.
  • It can accommodate tractors with fenders, large tires, and works with 30” rows.
  • The new rotational height indicator allows “full range of motion” readings at all times, and the full range level indicator monitors the bucket at multiple positions from rolled back to fully dumped.
  • True Power-Mount™ feature allows hydraulic mounting and dismounting in less than two minutes without the use of tools or dangerous stands. The loader has a tower that allows the loader to solidly free stand on almost any surface when in the off position.
  • The Hydra-Snap™, a one lever coupling system is standard of this loader. The Hydra-Snap™ allows the user to quickly uncouple ALL the hydraulic hoses with just one lever. All hoses are mounted and secured to a self-aligning plate so the hoses cannot get mixed up.
  • Snap-Attach™ System makes hooking up any attachment a snap, no need to get off the tractor, just engage the attachment with the self-aligning V-Shaped couplers, roll back the bucket cylinders and the attachment is locked into place.
  • Weld-on or bolt-on couplers are available to convert an existing attachment or other farm equipment to work with the Snap-Attach™ System.
  • No-Snag Lineless Bucket Cylinders, Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Snap-Attach™, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, Hydra-Snap™ Hydraulic Manifold, Bucket Level & Height Indicators and Standard 84” Heavy Duty Contoured Bucket.


    3rd Steel Line for hydraulic attachments, 96" Heavy Duty Bucket & Specialty Buckets, Level UP Advantage and complete line of attachments.


  • prop 65

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Customer Testimonials

I wish to thank all who had a hand in installing the TA-160 loader on my tractor.  Everyone was helpful and could not have done more.  I have now used the loader and it works great!  I know it will save me much hard work.  Thank you all.

Charles N. Romm, Sr. - Bennington, KS