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The new patented BC-6000 Brush Crushers™ for loaders have added hydraulic cylinder inside the power-teeth for more control and precision operation.

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Brush Crusher™

The new patented BC-6000 Brush Crusher™ makes clearing trees, handling brush, and many more items--painfree! The BC-6000 model is a larger model designed to work with the larger loaders equipped with the Snap- Attach™ system. Also adapts to fit other brand loaders. It has hydraulic cylinders enclosed inside the power-teeth to offer additional control for frequent tree and brush handling.



The Westendorf advantage:

  • Hydraucally controlled power-teeth with precision control and amazing crushing power.
  • More lift power by keeping the load closer to the tractor.
  • No bucket allows the ability to lift more payload, yet crushes with power.
  • Teeth operate independently for lop-sided load or together with the Optional Tie-Bar for uniform loads such as pipe or tubing.
  • Constructed from high strength steel.
  • Allows for clear sightlines so you can see what you are grabbing.
  • The implement is gentle and precise allowing you to grab objects firmly without crushing them in the process.
  • At only 315 lbs. the BC-6000 provides more lift power, stability, and better visibility than a bucket. The added lift power comes from the ability of the Brush Crusher™ to hold the load closer to the the tractor.


Tie Bar

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Customer Testimonials

Adding Fingers to My Loader I had this huge rock in my yard, and it wouldn't fit in my bucket.  I had an opportunity to test a new product for Westendorf and was amazed at the power these teeth have.  In addition to picking up that rock, I've moved culverts, cleaned out my trees, and hauled piles of firewood and debris.  It was like adding fingers to the end of my loader arms.  Jobs that would have been messy and taken me hours were done in just minutes!

Mike Downey - Desoto, IA