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The new patented BC-6000 Brush Crushers™ for loaders have added hydraulic cylinder inside the power-teeth for more control and precision operation.

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Brush Crusher™

The new patented BC-6000 Brush Crusher™ makes clearing trees, handling brush, and many more items--painfree! The BC-6000 model is a larger model designed to work with the larger loaders equipped with the Snap- Attach™ system. Also adapts to fit other brand loaders. It has hydraulic cylinders enclosed inside the power-teeth to offer additional control for frequent tree and brush handling.



The Westendorf advantage:

  • Hydraucally controlled power-teeth with precision control and amazing crushing power.
  • More lift power by keeping the load closer to the tractor.
  • No bucket allows the ability to lift more payload, yet crushes with power.
  • Teeth operate independently for lop-sided load or together with the Optional Tie-Bar for uniform loads such as pipe or tubing.
  • Constructed from high strength steel.
  • Allows for clear sightlines so you can see what you are grabbing.
  • The implement is gentle and precise allowing you to grab objects firmly without crushing them in the process.
  • At only 315 lbs. the BC-6000 provides more lift power, stability, and better visibility than a bucket. The added lift power comes from the ability of the Brush Crusher™ to hold the load closer to the the tractor.


Tie Bar

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Customer Testimonials

Before I purchased a set of Brush Crushers for my John Deere 740 loader I knew they were going to get a serious workout. Over 75% of my 80+ acres are wooded and some logs are 18 feet long!  After some practice I can finesse those claws pretty good and do some delicate work like moving around attachments for my Super C in and out of storage.  Most of the work is moving logs and stumps and an occasional actual brush pile.  I also used it to clean up some scrap iron around the farm. Those Brush Crushers are the Cat's Meow.

Greg Lessord - Spencerport, NY