WR-20 & WR-30 Auto-Dump™ w/High-Lifter Auto-Dump™ Packages

  • WR-20 & WR-30 Auto-Dump™ w/High-Lifter
WR-20 & WR-30 Auto-Dump™ w/High-Lifter

The WR-20 Auto-Dump with the High-Lifter adds an extra 34" of lift height, and the WR-30 with the High-Lifter adds an additional 37.5" of lift height.

High Lifter

Product Details

Get A Higher Lift

The WR-20 is designed to attach to a tractor's 3-point on tractors up to 26 HP. The WR-30 fits a tractor's 3-point from 20 to 80 HP. With the addition of the High-Lifter the WR-20 gets an additional 34" of lift height, and the WR-30 gets an additional 37.5" of extra lift height. You still get all the other great features of the Auto-Dump™ with extra lift height and at a lower cost than a front-end loader.


The WR-20 & 30 w/High-Lifter Auto-Dump™ features:

  • You can lift, stack, dump and load higher with the addtion of the High-Lifter.
  • The dump angle of the WR-20 is up to 55­°, and the dump angle of the WR-30 is up to 52°.
  • WR-20 comes with heavy-duty bucket with a width of 48" and a bucket capacity of 3 cubic feet or a width of 60" and bucket capacity of 3.5 cubic feet .
  • WR-30 comes with heavy-duty bucket with a width of 60" and a bucket capacity of 11 cubic feet or a width of 72" and bucket capacity of 13 cubic feet .
  • No additional hydraulics are required.
  • Easy one-lever control. The same lever that controls your 3-point hitch.
  • Attaches quickly and easily to your tractor and there are no brackets left on the tractor when the Auto-Dump™ is removed.
  • Total package stays close to the tractor for greater stability.

WR-20 & 30 w/High-Lifter AUTO-DUMP™ PACKAGES

High-Lifter for WR-20 Category (1) Units, High-Lifter for WR-30 Category (2 or 3) Units


Complete line of Auto-Dump™ attachments and accessories. See Auto-Dump™ Attachments and Auto-Dump™ Accessories sections for more information.

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Customer Testimonials

I have a 60" version of the Rear-Ender Auto-Dump on my YM2000 for a few years.  It works great for the investment.  I have spread and leveled gravel, dug drainage reliefs on field edges, and it really works great for moving snow.  Add a hydraulic stop link (high lifter kit) and it becomes a heck of a machine.

Steve - Wenona, IL