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  • WR-15 Auto-Dump™
WR-15 Auto-Dump™

The WR-15 Auto-Dump™ is fit for commercial lawn mowers. Adds year-round, multiple use versatility to your commerical lawn mower.

WR-15 Auto-Dump

Product Details

Year-round Versatility

The WR-15 Auto-Dump™ is fit for commercial lawn mowers up to 27HP. Adds year-round, multiple use versatility to your commerical lawn mower allowing you to do more than just cut grass. You can quickly change from mower-to-bucket-to-blade-to other accessories. The Auto-Dump™ works with easy one-lever control. It is a great solution for homeowners, acreage owners, weekend farmers, nurserymen, snow removal companies, rental companies, schools, golf courses, and much more. The Auto-Dump™ is great for digging, scooping, and hauling material of all types. It can be used to scrape, level, bank, and backfill. Makes quick work of moving tree branches, bricks, bales of hay, firewood, tools, lawn and garden supplies or any job you might use a wheelbarrow for. You get all these great features of a front-end loader for a fraction of the cost.

The WR-15 Auto-Dump™ features:

  • This incredible device has a 1000 lb. lift capacity by itself. The actual lift capacity varies depending on the vehicle upon which it is mounted.
  • Lift height of 10" to 16".
  • Bucket has a dump angle of up to 50­°, and can lock into position for use as a push blade.
  • Comes with heavy-duty bucket with a width of 45" and a bucket capacity of 2.125 cubic feet or a width of 60" and bucket capacity of 3.5 cubic feet .
  • No additional hydraulics are required.
  • Easy one-lever control.
  • Load is on the drive wheels; you get greater traction and bigger load with open, clean bucket design.
  • Light enough to be shipped quickly by UPS to residential addresses.


WR-15 Auto-Dump™ with 45" Bucket for Commercial Mowers, WR-15 Auto-Dump™ with 60" Bucket for Commerical Mowers


Complete line of Auto-Dump™ attachments and accessories. See Auto-Dump™ Attachments and Auto-Dump™ Accessories sections for more information.

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