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Auto-Dump™ V-Plow is perfect for clearing driveways and sidewalks of snow.

Auto-Dump V-Plow

Product Details

Snow Problem, No Problem

The Auto-Dump™ V-Plow comes in two different styles, standard and the Two-In-One Combination V-Plow and Blade. Both are perfect for clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways after snow storms. The Two-In-One Combination V-Plow and Blade has a feature that allows it to convert from a V-Plow to a Flat Blade and back giving it added versatility. Call 1-877-423-0070 for more information and requirements. The standard fixed V-Plow blade is 45" wide. The Two-In-One Combination V-Plow and Blade is 54" wide when straight and 48" wide in V-Plow form.

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