10' Snow Scraper™ Box Blade Plows & Blades

  • 10' Snow Scraper™ Box Blade
10' Snow Scraper™ Box Blade

The 10' Westendorf Snow Scraper™ is a durable snow pusher that is capable of clearing more snow, ice or slush faster than a traditional bucket or blade.

10' Snow Scraper

Product Details

Move Mountains of Material

The Westendorf Snow Scraper is a durable snow pusher that is capable of clearing more snow, ice or slush faster than a traditional bucket or blade. In addition to snow, the Snow Scraper™ is also useful for clearing feedlots of manure, parking lots of snow, pushing grain piles and much more.

The Westendorf advantage:


  • A versatile tool that allows you to do more than just move snow and ice. The Snow Scraper™ is also useful in clearing manure, silage, grain, mud, refuse, waste water and other materials, making it a truly multifaceted implement for year-round use.
  • The Snow Scraper's design allows for a balanced distribution of power throughout the entire unit, so you can maintain the full power of your tractor and loader.
  • Strong and durable fully welded structure uses high strength steel and reinforced construction for maximum performance and on the job reliability.
  • The Snow Scraper™ has a 6" high-carbon steel cutting edge that carves through snow, ice and hard pack with ease for a nice clear surface without windrows.
  • The blade is smooth, and rib-free to prevent snow from sticking to the surface of the blade; plus, the curved blade quickly rolls the snow into a massive heap so you can clean up larger areas in fewer passes.
  • The side panels are rounded in front with skid kits to assist them over unseen obstructions such as curbs and uneven surfaces, and they are double reinforced for greater stability.
  • Seven replaceable wear resistant hardened steel shoes are angled to assist the implement over unseen obstructions.
  • Snow Scraper™ is standard with Westendorf's Snap-Attach™ system for 40 and 70 series loaders, and is adaptable to skid steers and all other brand loaders.
  • The 10' Snow Scraper™ has a struck capacity of 58 cu. ft., plus it can push double that amount in front of the implement. This incredible capacity to move massive amounts of material dramatically increases productivity and profits.
  • 10' Replaceable Bolt-on Poly Blade, Top Extension, 3-Point Mount, Skid Steer Adapter, and Adapters for Other Brand Loaders.
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