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The Freedom Mount™ series is built with the most cutting-edge technology by some of the smartest design engineers, experienced weld technicians, and brilliant research and development teams. So you're getting the latest technological advancements and a loader that isn't in danger of becoming obsolete anytime soon. The new Freedom Mount™ loader is a prime example of a top of the line dynamically designed loader that offers the best visibility on the market, precision positioning, a triple-force arm, plug-n-play hidden hydraulic system, perfect bucket with double bolt-on cutting edge, one-piece mounting bracket, remote control coupler for lightning fast implement changes, and an all new mounting system that gives new meaning to the term quick on and off.

"It’s a modern loader for a modern tractor…"
Dave and Karla McGrain, Castana, IA

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PhotoNameHP RangeDescription 
FM-540 4WD up to 130 HP The FM-540 is a step up from the popular TA-26 loader series with added strength, modern features and 13' lift height.
FM-550 4WD up to 165 HP The FM-550 loader is designed for strength and functionality. Its sleek low-profile shape provides clearer sightlines and amazing visibility in all directions.
FM-560 4WD up to 200 HP The FM-560 loader is designed for larger 6 cylinder tractors. It has the same sleek low-profile patented Freedom Mount™ shape that provides the clearest sightlines in the industry.
FM-570 4WD up to 210 HP The FM-570 has all the same benefits of the FM-560, and it adapts to wider framed tractors with large front tires.
FM-580 4WD up to 260 HP The FM-580 is the grandaddy of the Freedom Mount™ series. It has all the same modern day features such as...
FM-585   The FM-585 provides the full features of a Westendorf Freedom Mount™ loader with a wider tower to accommodate large tractors with wider hood.
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