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#1 Seller With Over 700 Fits

With over 700 fits, this is our most popular tractor loader for general farm use. The power linkage, slide locks, shoe adjustments, hardened pins, and add-on self-leveling, have proven that the TA-26 is the best all-around loader for versatility and dependability. Its unique I-beam construction and double-tapered arm design give it superior strength and a low-profile fit all in one package.

The advantages of our most popular loader:

  • Good looking design matched to tractor size for excellent visibility.
  • Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than two minutes without any tools or dangerous stands.
  • Easy handling with quick loader action allows excellent turning radius and tire clearance.
  • Tool free automatic snap-lock system allows fast and efficient bucket swaps.
  • Adjustable uni-fit mounting bracket is designed for a custom fit.
  • All hoses your tractor will require are included.
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit several different tractors allowing you to use your loader on multiple tractors. Since this loader fits over 700 tractors it allows you to retain amazing resale value on your Westendorf loader.


3” Lift & 2 1/2" Bucket Cylinders, Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Snap-Attach™, Hose Kit, Standard Mounting Kit, MA-40 Hydraulic Manifold, Bucket Gauge Rod and 72” Large Capacity Bucket.


Skid Steer Adapter, 72" or 84" Skid Steer Bucket, 84" Bucket, Add-on Mechanical Self-Leveling, 3rd Steel Line, Radiator Grill Guard, Rotational Height Indicators, Hydra-Snap™ One Step Coupling Manifold, Rotational Indicators, 2'6" Height Extension, Level UP Advantage and complete line of attachments.


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