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Stack Saver I

When it comes to handling hay bales the patented Stack Saver is the perfect tool to get the job done fast and right. The Stack Saver l is a non-hydraulic bale lift with an automatic push-off for handling large round bales. It eliminates the problem of bales that stick, which in turn saves time and money. No added valves or hydraulics required. The automatic push-off is activated by your loader's bucket cylinders.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Patented design gives you a one-of-a kind tool that will speed up your hay operations.
  • No additional hydraulics required - it uses what you alreay have.
  • Sturdy, dependable reinforced frame.
  • Patented Snap-Attach™ system for tool- free quick installation and removal in just seconds.
  • The spear is made of heat treated forged steel with a full tapered length for easy penetration and release.
  • Strong stabilizer prods provide extra support and keep the bale from spinning.


Combination Coupler, Pin-Type Bracket

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