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Westendorf has an amazing selection of over 60 attachments to choose from to match your material handling needs--starting with our buckets, which have been the best and the biggest in the industry. Specialty buckets have been designed for jobs that call for a more specific tool to get the job done, like our patented Z-47 feeder bucket and the feed bunk bucket. The patented 3-D Cat Claw grab fork, and other grapple style attachments hydraulically mount to our buckets. Our patented Stack Savers® series of bale spears saves time and makes stacking bales quicker and easier. We also carry a complete line of tractor implements such as V-plows, fork buckets, dozer blades, bale spears, forklift attachments, and much more.

Bucket Options

Westendorf buckets have been the best in the industry since we started manufacturing loaders. Our buckets are available up to 120" wide and have capacities up to 54 cu. ft.

Hay Handling

Choose from a wide range of hay handling attachments including our new patented Stack Saver I & II and quick-attach mounting brackets for many brand loaders.

Grab Forks

Westendorf's patented hydraulic Power-Mount™ Grab Forks make switching from a bucket or spear to a grab fork nearly effortless. Plus, our new patented Cat Claw 3-D Grab Fork takes grab fork technology to a new level.

Lift & Carry

Small or large we have an attachment to fit your material handling needs. Make carrying pallets and heavy items more efficient.

Plows & Blades

Westendorf plows and blades are carefully crafted and professionally manufactured to be capable of carrying out your rugged jobs and standing the test of time.

3-Point Attachments

Westendorf 3-Point attachments has a whole line of attachments designed for your 3-point hitch. Forks that are ideal for seed pallets and spears for bale work highlight this great line of attachments.

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