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Make hydraulic hose connections easy with Westendorf’s patented Hydra-Snap™ multi-hose coupling manifold. The Hydra-Snap™ is environmentally friendly, easy to install, simple to use, and the space saving design permits it to be used in many locations and different applications. Quickly couple multiple hydraulic hose configurations in one quick motion.

The Hydra-Snap™ Advantage:

  • A CLEANER CONNECTION: The top of the line model is equipped with Flat Face couplers, this one-lever coupling manifold is spill-free, environmentally friendly, and the patented spiral lock technology allows a hassle-free hydraulic connection.
  • ONE-LEVER OPERATION: All hoses merge into a keyed, multi-coupling unit the keeps the hoses neatly aligned while eliminating the chance of hose mix-up. It saves time and temper. The unit is self-storing and includes a dust cover to keep hydraulic connections clean when not in use. It offers an optional integrated electronic connection.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: The Hydra-Snap™ adapts well to all loader models and other implements that use hydraulic hoses such as planters, disc plows, snow blowers and balers. Choose from several economically priced models to couple up to six hoses at once.

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