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This line up of versatile front-end tractor loaders is the ideal tractor implement designed to fit both two- and four-wheel drive tractors ranging from 10 HP to 325 HP. With nearly 18,000 fits and growing daily, you don't have to buy a new tractor to get the latest loader technology. Westendorf loaders fit well, have a rugged design, and don't interfere with the task at hand.

Freedom Mount™

The Freedom Mount™ series is built with the most cutting-edge technology by some of the smartest design engineers, experienced weld technicians, and brilliant research and development teams.

MAX Series

These extra strong MAX loaders have an intelligent design that offers unsurpassed quality, performance and strength. Unmatched styling, fast and easy implement changes with the push of a button...

Limited Series

The Limited Series loaders offer the same quality, performance, and strength that customers have come to expect from Westendorf. Packed with the latest features and innovations...

100 Series

The 100 Series front end loader was designed as a mid-sized, high strength loader for horse owners, acreage owners who need the power to move...

WL Series

Our Tried & True loaders are ideal for your 2-wheel drive tractor. The simple, yet rugged design, workmanship, performance and unmatched power makes quick...

Custom Contour Series

The finest loader on the market today. You won’t find bulky hydraulic hoses on the exterior of the loader. Designed for today’s newer, sleeker...

Traction Action Series

Our expansive Traction Action (TA) product line includes a wide variety from Mid-Sized loaders to Super Sized loaders that are a cut above the rest. Get the Westendorf advantage...

Extra Traction Action Series

For the larger, stronger 2 and 4 wheel drive tractors and gives you the BIG extras you want. It fits most tractor models with fenders with great oscillation, plus...

Specialty Loaders

Built for super performance and years of rugged use, this BIG loader series is considered the true power-house line. Power-Mount and switch out attachments with the Snap-Attach System ease...

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