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Heavy-Duty Hauling

Our heavy duty wagon gears are designed and engineered to give you top performance for many years of rugged use. With so many extra advantages, combined with a competitive price, you are sure to get the best value for your dollar. The Westendorf Super Tandem is a heavy-duty 14 ton gear with outstanding features.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • Westendorf's own style hub with high grade pressed-in bolts.
  • 3' heavy duty spindle of high carbon steel.
  • Extra sharp turning radius.
  • Different tires options.
  • Anti-wear bushings.
  • Built-in camber and castor allow superior trailing.
  • The original patented telescoping tongue for easy hook-up.
  • Special Reach Clamp to easily adjust the gear's length. Includes insurance chain.
  • 8-bolt hubs with pressed-in bolts for easy mounting.
  • Extra heavy tie rod and clevis.
  • Thrust washers to reduce friction on heavy loads.
  • Tongue with spring assist to lighten the weight for easy hook-up.
  • Available with or without rocking bolster for front or rear axle.


Hydrualic Surge Brakes, Stake Kit, Stake/Hinge Kit, Tires, Rims

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